Cupex factory:

With initial surveys and drilling in the Goud-e-Kolvari 2 copper mine, and an estimated approximately one million tons of copper ore, the decision was made to build a factory. The nominal capacity of this line is 400 tons per year, which is currently produced with a capacity of 360 tons per year.

The product of this factory is 80% oxide copper powder, which is based on dissolution and leaching. The raw materials required for this line are oxidized copper soil. In this factory, the product melts and turns into 99% grade copper ingots in one step.

This method consists of three general steps as follows:


The extracted minerals are suitable for granulation in this part and the soft soil is separated and ready to enter the next stage. Due to different capacities, this line can have different designs. Acceptable grain size is maximum 2 inches.

Sulfur copper plant by flotation method
Due to the estimated reserves of sulfur ores in Goud-e-Kolvari 2 copper mine, the decision was made to build a plant for the production of copper concentrate by flotation method with an annual feed capacity of 1,200,000 tons. At present, this project is in the stage of preliminary studies and experiments, the output of which is the design of the desired production line.

In this method, copper sulfide ore must first be micronized in two stages of crushing and micronizing and reach a specific granulation, then in flotation cells, under special conditions and additives, the copper element is released in the form of concentrate with around 20-30% grade.


Many studies and excavations were carried out in Goud-e-kolvari2 copper mine, which finally estimated its reserves at about 2 million tons. Also, due to the market and better product quality, after conducting feasibility studies for this project, the company decided to Launch capacity of 2000 tons per year and produce copper cathode with 99.99% grade.

The basis of copper production in this way is similar to the Cupex line of dissolution (leaching), with the difference that the PLS prepared in the leaching department will be sent to SX department for increasing the quantity of copper ions in PLS up to 40 grams per litter. After that this prepared strong electrolyte will be sent to the electro winning which copper cathodes will be produced with 99.99%

Depending on the grade of the mineral, in case of dissolution by leaching tank method, the minerals should be micronized and then dissolved in the tank.)


The granular material must be placed in a dilute solution of sulfuric acid (at a certain pH) to release its elements (copper). It is soluble from minerals according to the design method. The current design uses the hip leaching method, in which minerals are spread on the hip bed and irrigated under a solution of water and sulfuric acid. Finally, the charged copper solution (PLS) is prepared and transferred to the next stage.


 The solution prepared in the dissolution stage under electrowinning enters the electrowinning cells under the special conditions that are provided and its oxidized copper powder is extracted by electric current.