SX/EW God-e-Kalvari Copper Mine

SX/EW God-e-Kalvari Copper Mine   According to the studies and additional excavations that have been done in the oxidized part of God-e-Kalvari copper mine and the estimated reserves of about 2 million tons, and also according to the better market and product quality it was decided to produce copper cathode with 99.99% grade. After conducting..

Processing of Sulfur Copper by Flotation Method

Processing of Sulfur Copper by Flotation Method   In this method, unlike the methods used for oxidized ore and due to the estimated reserve of sulfur copper ore in God-e-Kalvari copper mine, the company has decided to invest on a plant to produce copper concentrate by flotation method with an annual feed capacity of 1,200,000..

Goud-e-Kalvari-2 Copper Mine (Javazm)

Geographical location and Access route The Goude-Kalvari) area of 21.99 km2) is located in the southeast of Dehaj and northwest of javazm in Iran. This area has access to the centers of Yazd and Kerman provinces from Kerman-Anar-Javazm and Yazd-Dehj-Javazm routes.       View of the study area on the google earth satellite image..

Cupex Plant

Cupex Plant   According to initial studies and excavations on God-E-Kolvari mine and the reserve estimation of around one million ton oxide copper ore, our company decided to invest on this reserve and setting up Cupex plant. The nominal capacity of this line is 400 tons per year, which currently produces with a lower efficiency..

معدن مس جوزم
Jowzam Copper Mine

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