– Mineral Trading: The company operates in fields of mineral trade (Internal and International) mainly produced in this complex.
– Investment in the mine: cooperation and partnership with domestic and foreign investors in Supplementary exploration, extraction and construction of a processing plant

• Production of copper powder and cathode
• Supply of copper powder and cathode products through commodity exchange
• Export of copper cathode
• Production and supply of decorative stones in the domestic and foreign markets


1818.80 + 1.21%
Closing price

LME Copper

9719.50 + 1.63%
Closing price

LME Silver

222.74 + 1.74%
Closing price

LME Zinc

3565.00 + 2.27%
Closing price

LME Lead

2331.50 + 1.1%
Closing price

LME Nickel

21794.00 + 4.78%
Closing price
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