Project Details

SX/EW God-e-Kolvari Copper Mine

According to the studies and additional excavations that have been done in the oxidized part of God-e-Kalvari copper mine and the estimated reserves of about 2 million tons, and also according to the better market and product quality it was decided to produce copper cathode with 99.99% grade. After conducting feasibility study on this plan, we decided to setting up a 2000 tons per year plant.

The basis of copper production in this way is similar to the Cupex line of dissolution (leaching), with the difference that the PLS prepared in the leaching department will be sent to SX department for increasing the quantity of copper ions in PLS up to 40 grams per litter. After that this prepared strong electrolyte will be sent to the electro winning which copper cathodes will be produced with 99.99% grade.