History, Mission and Vision
Middle East Mines Development Horizon Company started started operating in June 2014 with technical knowledge, and experienced experts and consultants in mining affairs.
The company main activities include exploration, extraction, processing, drilling, mineral trade, investment in metal and non-metal mines, consulting and implementation of mining projects in Iran and foreign countries.
The company currently continues mining activities in its 6 areas throughout Iran, including the provinces of Central Iran, Kerman and Isfahan, etc. The company has also been active in the field of metallic and non-metallic minerals, including gold, copper, molybdenum, iron, manganese, lead and zinc, silica, production of sodium sulfate and decorative stones, etc., and production of copper cathodes. Which has set up two factories to produce copper powder and copper cathode by Cupex and SX / EW methods and is currently producing copper concentrate by flotation method.

This company is a shareholder and supervisor of exploitation and exploration operations and study of natural mineral resources and registration of potential areas of the following two companies
1- Middle East Mining Consulting Engineers Company
2- Ofogh-e- Danakav Company
The company’s vision is to use modern technology and methods to gain a leading position among the top 100 mining companies in the Middle East
The mission of this company is the production and development of mineral products under international standards in the fields of copper, zinc, iron ore concentrate and gold, etc., and the production and supply of copper cathodes to domestic and foreign markets.