God-e-Kalvari-2 Copper Mine, Javazm

Geographical Location

Good-e-kalvari 2 copper mine with an area of 21.29 square kilometers and has an exploitation license and is located in Kerman province, southeast of Dehaj and northwest of Javazm.

Among the copper mines in this area are Ijoo, Perkam, Kadar, Chah Firoozeh , which are of the porphyry mines type.

Access Routes

This area leads to the centers of Yazd province and Kerman province through two routes (Kerman-Anar), (Jawzem-Yazd-Dehaj- Javazm).

From Kerman to Anar is about 200 km of asphalt road, from Anar to Javazm is about 50 km of asphalt road and from Javazm to the desired area is 5 km of asphalt road and 2 km of dirt road. Also, from Yazd city to Dehaj three-way, about 120 km, from Dehaj to Dehaj three-way and then to the area is about 80 km asphalt road and 2 km dirt road.

View of the study area on the google earth satellite image