Drilling Services

The drilling group of this company is ready to cooperate in drilling projects with its knowledge and experienced experts and the most up-to-date drilling rigs.

Specifications of drilling machines:

1-Core drilling to a depth of 1500 meters

2-TETRA1500 machines made in Turkey

3-At an average speed of 3 meters per hour

4-Recovery rate above 98%

5-Detailed and semi-detailed exploration, core drilling up to 1500 meters

6-Drilling machines model TETRA1500 Made in Turkey


Chemical analysis and crushing laboratory of God-e-Kolvari 2, copper mine provides services to esteemed clients.

  •   Atomic Absorption
  •  spectrophotometer

Overview of the laboratory that was built on the site of the mine and the factory of Gud-e-Kolvari 2, Middle East Mines Development Horizon Company

Measurable elements in this laboratory are:

Copper (total copper CU (T) and oxidized copper CuO) Iron (iron +2 and iron +3), Zn & Pb, Mn and Co

Activities performed in this laboratory:

1– Crushing, analysis and reading of mineral samples
2– Preparing samples in the crushing and software sections to the jaw crushing machine and mortar powder software
3– Reading the samples using spectrophotometers and atomic absorption
4– In the titration section, the reading of copper and iron elements is by the titration method
5– Measurement of acid by pHm method and titration

This laboratory is active in 2 shifts of 12 hours and 24 hours a day. This laboratory has 3 shifts of manpower (expert).

The nominal capacity of this laboratory is 200 analyzes of total copper and copper oxide every 24 hours, which has the capacity of 6000 analyzes in one month.