The company at a glance :

Middle Eastern Mining Development Horizon Co is a completely private shareholding company which was established in June 2014 in order to invest and work in the mine section and the mining industry of the country.

Field of work :

This company started its activity in order to invest, explore and exploit mines, process and produce different minerals and its products (metallic and non-metallic minerals), do business transactions (purchase, sell, import and export) of different mineral products.


Being among the 10 largest companies in the Middle East and turning into one of the leading mineral companies in the Middle East in 1404. Our vision is put into action through relying on attracting and using domestic and foreign investment and specialized and empowered human resources
Expanding the investment in the field of exploring new mines
Being a part in the process of the economic growth and development of Islamic Republic of Iran


Providing the production of mineral products and mining industries, increasing the added value of production and increasing customer satisfaction by relying on innovative and motivated staff. This will lead to potentiality of mines, an increase in the value of raw mineral materials and provide the primary minerals for domestic and foreign consumers of relevant industries.


Taking advantage of opportunities in the mining industry in national and international levels
Attracting foreign investment in order to develop the mining sector
Completing the value-added chain in the mining sector
Having effective communication with similar companies in the Middle East and other parts of the world
Creating value for shareholders and other stakeholders
Having a global view, international thinking, staying up-to-date and prospective
Emphasizing on innovation, advanced technology and future research



In order to ensure an integrated and systematic infrastructure to improve and focus on the needs for development and modernization and achieve a sustainable growth in the mining sector and industry, we have designed and deployed our processes with the use of standard management systems, obeying national and international laws and benchmarking leading organizations. All of the staff of Middle Eastern Mining Development Horizon Co is committed to preserve, maintain and improve these policies with cooperation and trusting each other’s abilities.

CEO of Ofogh Middle East Mines Development Company